Francis Nicholson (1753 - 1844)






David Hockney. We were delighted to hear that David is an admirer of Francis Nicholson’s contribution to British art, and possesses a good personal knowledge of Nicholson. David’s authorized site is at :


Water-colour/Oil Painting


Wiki Gallery shows twenty-seven Nicholson oils and water colours. See :

Government Art Collection has ten Nicholson water-colours. See :

Courthauld Gallery, London, England. The W. W. Spooner Trust has been of enormous help to the Nicholson Group. In 1967, Mr. and Mrs. William Spooner bequeathed York Minster from the River Foss above Monk Bridge to the Courthauld Gallery, London. It may be seen at : Thirty-two good images of Nicholson works – drawings, paintings, and lithographs – may be found at :




Antonio Raimo Galleries of Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A. has excellent presentation of their extensive stock of Nicholson lithographs. See :

The National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, England. This web-site contains two very interesting coloured lithographs of Bridlington Quay and Robin Hood’s Bay, printed by Rowney & Forster. Also several engravings of Nicholson drawings by Letitia Byrne. See :!csearch;authority=agent-15986;makerReference=agent-15986


Engravings, aquatints, woodcuts, etc.


Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indiana, U.S.A. Between 1791 and 1802, Nicholson provided fourteen drawings for John Walker’s The Copper Plate Magazine. Ten of these pages are to be seen at :

The Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. This website is noteworthy for showing three beautiful Nicholson aquatints and one very unusual woodcut. See:,+Francis/


Associate Groups


Pickering & District Civic Society. From The Nicholson Group's inception, this society has offered support and assistance in various ways. They also have two pages about Francis Nicholson on their web-site. See

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